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Marian - First Year - Pokeka Academy by NyonRoleplays Marian - First Year - Pokeka Academy by NyonRoleplays
(yes those are crocs)
Name: Marian
Pokémon: Furret
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Year: 1st
Dorm or Home: Dorm
Ability: Run Away
Nature: Lonely
             :bulletred:  Rest
             :bulletwhite: Hyper Voice
            :bulletred: Art
            :bulletwhite: Home Ec.
            :bulletred:    P.E.

Clubs: Knit & Sew club!

History: Oddly for a pokemon of her kind, Marian was brought up as an only child. The reason being that her mother eloped with the man she really loved when she was a small child, it is to her understanding that the two are now living a perfect, Happily-Ever-After relationship. Sometimes her mother will send her a card (if she remembers) on her birthday with money in it, but Marian bins it out of spite. Her mother wasn't a regular furret-- She was shiny, and beautiful, and had many a man running after her, including her father.

Marian was brought up by her father, who was still hopelessly in love with her mother even after she left. He still writes a love letter or two to her every month or so, and all Marian can do is sit there and shake her head. Even so, he was a very nurturing father, when he wasn't crying about love-lost. Marian doesn't really have a good grip on what a family should be like because of that. Despite being so normal-looking, and sometimes even bedridden, her father treated her like a jewel and claims that she is as beautiful as her mother was to his friends, and their children. Often when they actually see her, they are very disappointed.

Besides that she lived a dreadfully regular childhood, except from being deathly intimidated by every other pokemon type-- except Normal (yes, even fairy!) She constantly feels inferior to the more pretty, flashier pokemon so she locked herself away and became a recluse. Her hobbies are knitting scarves and tacky sweaters, she even has a wealth of horrible sweaters to herself. Once she even spent her entire life savings on a sweater than she deemed 'too magnificent to belong to anyone else'. 

Personality: Marian is quite quiet around most people-- asides from pure normal types. She's extremely paranoid of being looked down upon even by half-normal types! This is partly due to the man her mother running off with being a Milotic. Around normal types or people she befriends, she is an overly-helpful person, and will often force herself into whatever you are doing to help out! With the best intentions, however it doesn't often turn out well... 

She gets very defensive around pretty people, and will sometimes blurt out a mean thing about them if she is forced to be in their company for too long. If she is approached suddenly she will get nervous and run away.

           :bulletred: Knitting!
           :bulletred: Making things in general
           :bulletred: TACKY SWEATERS
           :bulletred: Puns
           :bulletred: Running
           :bulletred: Most chocolate

           :bulletwhite: People who are too forward 
           :bulletwhite: Fashionable clothing
           :bulletwhite: Everyone-who-isn't-normal-type
           :bulletwhite: Romance novels

          :star: She's fond of knitting and will make a tacky sweater for you if you become her friend
          :star: Develops a stutter and shakes very visibly when she gets even a little nervous
          :star: Will run away if confronted for anything (Even if it's like a love confession, or about homework).
          :star: Flusters easily
          :star: Always has some wool and knitting needles on her
          :star: CUTS HER OWN HAIR REALLY BADLY SO IT LOOKS REALLY UNEVEN she'll start crying if you make fun of her for it
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